About PilotPractice

Our Journey to PilotPractice

PilotPractice.com was born from Julie’s desire to strike a balance between motherhood and her career ambitions. After spending three years in a plastic surgeon’s office, the birth of her first child inspired her to launch her own venture. Julie, alongside her husband and business partner, Roy, seamlessly blended her professional goals with her growing family life, which soon welcomed a second child. The journey of nurturing both a growing family and a business was filled with joys and challenges. 

Yet, as PilotPractice.com outgrew its initial framework, Roy, stepping in as CEO, took the helm to spearhead its continued growth. This evolution allowed Julie to focus on strategic areas where her passion and expertise shone brightest, ensuring the company’s ethos and operational excellence remained intact. 

Our clients appreciate this dynamic, not only for the amazing support and the warm, family-like bond we foster but also for the tangible results we deliver, further solidifying our cherished relationships. Together, Julie and Roy, as husband and wife, continue to guide PilotPractice.com towards new horizons, always with the promise to treat every client like family and to surpass expectations with every project undertaken.

Meet Our Team

Roy Kesserwani


Julie Kesserwani

Founder & COO

Laura Ballarin

Client Onboarding Director


Social Media Manager

Yura Sychov

SEO Director

Talha Irfan

SEO Assistant

Hafiz Ejaz

Wordpress Manager

Iryna Sheleiko

Website Designer

Sudev Vp

Graphic Designer

Stephanie Urbanovich

UI/UX Experience

Chukwudi Benjamin Okafor

Full Stack Engineer

Le Do Thu

Full Stack Engineer

Nguyen Manh Tuan

Full Stack Engineer

Puja Soni

Quality Assurance

Sheg Catanyag

Medical Writer

Menna Salman

Medical Writer

Bernardo Jr Navidad

Video Editor

Strawberry Yap

Customer Success
Virtual Patient Coordinator Impact
Client: Just Go Lipo in Scottsdale, AZ
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