10 Tips For Your New Plastic Surgery Website Design

In today's age, digital marketing for plastic surgeons is becoming increasingly crucial for brands that want to stand out from their competitors, generate new patients, and continue to book ongoing services. Plastic surgery websites provide patients access to your practice and an opportunity to create an outstanding impression. One of the most effective tactics you can implement to level up your online visitor experience and gain new patients? A beautifully designed plastic surgery website.
Pilot Practice Ensure Your Plastic Surgery Website is Mobile Friendly
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In this article, I will outline the ten best practices we implemented for Natural Results Plastic Surgery that helped boost their conversion rate and overall website experience.

Introduce Your Visitors to the Doctor

Introducing the plastic surgeon to your visitors when they land on your web page is an essential first step to gaining trust and helping overcome any potential patient objections.

In your introduction of the doctor, be sure to include whether or not the doctor is Board Certified, where they received any additional certifications or credentials, and where they completed their school studies. Affording your doctor the credibility they deserve (and credibility that will put patients’ minds at ease) will infuse the trust you need to boost your inquiry rates.

Pilot Practice Introduce Your Visitors to the Doctor
Does your doctor obtain specific specialties in their plastic surgery practice? For example, have they spent most of their career performing rhinoplasties, breast augmentations, or facelifts? Any bonus factors that could attract and convert new patients are worth including in their biography.

It’s also essential to convey the doctor’s personality and values. Use warm, empathetic, and reassuring language to create a sense of trust and comfort. Share the doctor’s passion for helping patients achieve their desired results, and highlight any unique qualities that set them apart from their competitors.

For instance, in Eppley Plastic Surgery, Dr. Eppley is featured prominently on his website. The website first establishes that Dr. Eppley is a renowned expert with 25 years of practice, giving you more faith in his abilities.

One thing is for certain – your plastic surgery website would not be complete without a before and after photo gallery! It is the ideal place to showcase the different services offered and how you stand out against the competition.

Plastic surgery is like visual art – and the results can be mesmerizing. So when your patients pick their plastic surgeon, it’s vital to establish immediate credibility while showing them (visually) what their outcomes could look like compared to their previous surgeries.

To create an effective before and after photo gallery, include high-quality photos demonstrating the doctor’s skill and attention to detail. Use high-quality visuals and images that are well-lit, in focus, and showcase the patient’s transformation clearly and concisely. It’s also essential to obtain the patient’s consent and ensure their anonymity by obscuring their identity, such as by cropping out their face or using image editing software.

Regularly updating your before and after gallery with new cases can also help keep your website fresh and engaging for visitors and will help demonstrate your expertise and commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest procedures and techniques.

Without question, it is one of the most effective methods to inspire confidence in your prospective customers!

Pilot Practice Showcase a Before and After Photo Gallery on your Plastic Surgery Website

Embrace Modern UI Design

A modern plastic surgery web design is crucial to making a favorable impression on online visitors. Conversely, if your site has an outdated design, this is bound to scare patients away.

According to a recent study, ​​94% of first impressions are design-related, and online visitors need only 2.66 seconds to focus on a vital website area. Therefore, proper plastic surgery website design is essential to the success of your practice.

When considering your UI website designs, it’s essential to keep a clean layout, remember how you wish to convey your brand, and what feeling you would like to portray to your potential patients. You can also add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for information about surgical procedures, consultation process, pricing, and more.

Using excellent color schemes, high-quality images, and videos for featured procedures can enhance the user experience and make your website more engaging. Optimize your photos and videos for fast loading times relevant to your content.

Modern web design elements, such as drop-down menu animations, parallax scrolling, and interactive features, can help create a unique and memorable website experience that stands out.

For example, some plastic surgeons want their brand to be associated with luxury, just like the Visage Facial Surgery web design has a luxurious color scheme with black and gold. As well as the web page of Elite Plastic Surgery exudes an elegant vibe thanks to its dark color scheme, which helps put their service in the premium category. At the same time, the Rapaport Plastic Surgery website is the perfect model for mixing and matching various design elements without overwhelming them.

There are a lot of different plastic surgery practices that invest in making their web design visually appealing. For example, the web design of Care plastic surgery uses sharp contrasting colors with purple and black, which helps their content and call-to-actions stand out. However, the innovative layout of the Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery website has a medium-light shade cyan color so that the site is more attractive to users. Carmony Oral, Facial & Implant Center website uses images with muted colors, and it has drop-down menus that allow online visitors to navigate without too many clicks.

It is sometimes beneficial for a clinic to select an on-site design that is more informative and can satisfy potential clients, such as the Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solution website, by providing their homepage with pertinent details about the procedures and the available plastic surgeons.

A clean black and white color theme and high-quality visuals give the web page a professional look. The black and gold color scheme conveys elegance; in contrast, warm earth tones provide a tranquil, calming vibe to its web design.

In this case, having a suitable color scheme, font choices, visual elements, and other graphic design elements in your plastic surgery website will make it visually appealing and contribute immensely to conveying your aesthetic brand to the world!

Ensure Your Plastic Surgery Website is Mobile Friendly

At PilotPractice, data shows that 90% of users requesting cosmetic procedures are on mobile phones. So, when designing your plastic surgery websites, look at the mobile and desktop views. This way, you’ll be able to determine what most of your audience will see when they land on your site.
Pilot Practice Ensure Your Plastic Surgery Website is Mobile Friendly
It’s essential to remember that mobile users have different needs and expectations than desktop users. For example, they are often looking for quick answers or information on the go, so it’s crucial to make sure that your website is easily accessible, easy to navigate and that your content is presented clearly and concisely.

Mobile-friendly plastic surgery websites increase conversion rates, trust between your practice and patients, and a more positive user experience. Plus, it encourages users to interact more with your material and engage with your brand across multiple devices – from computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones. The more, the merrier, wouldn’t you agree?

Embed a Consultation Form

Remember to include the relevant information boxes when implementing a contact or consultation form on your website. The first few obvious ones are:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Contact information
  • Procedure of interest
  • Free text message box where patients can express their concerns. Here’s an example of an excellent consult form I set up for my client Illuum Plastic Surgery.
Pilot Practice Embed a Consultation Form
To maximize the chances of receiving consultation requests, embed the call-to-action buttons on multiple website pages, including the homepage, procedure pages, and before-and-after photo gallery, making it easy for online visitors to find and fill out the form.

Additionally, if your practice offers a ‘free’ consultation, this should be a focal point on your website. It is also one of the most effective ways to turn potential leads into actual patients, so why neglect the importance of it?

Paid consultations are only recommended for surgeons who operate on a significantly high volume and are booked out 90% of the time. So, if your plastic surgeon can offer complementary or video consultation, feature this on your contact page.

Just like Oaks Plastic Surgery, its website encourages people to take action. For example, it immediately provides two quick quote call-to-action buttons, a critical part of patient acquisition and consultation. Also, Allure plastic surgery has an accessibility menu and an appointment scheduling system—Sieber Plastic Surgery web page, where everything here is effortless to find. A button also allows you to schedule a consultation with no hassle, encouraging visitors to contact the doctor.

Include A Procedure Pricing Section

Online visitors appreciate price transparency when working with plastic surgeons, and the number one question plastic surgeons receive is related to pricing.

I’ve worked with many plastic surgeons, and I know that showing pricing information is one of the highest-converting tools you can have for your website.

Pilot Practice Include A Procedure Pricing Section
Take our own quotation estimator as an example. Our quote price estimator is a contact information widget that exchanges contact information for pricing details, which is a great marketing strategy. This tool can break down the procedure costs for a patient and show financing information with a breakdown of their monthly payment. Your website visitors will love it, but it can also help your staff save time by not always having to answer the pricing question. This tool also effectively builds substantial email lists so you can engage with your leads later. Once you have their details, you can send them your latest offers, promotions, and much more throughout the year, which is an excellent strategy for patient acquisition.

Including call-to-action buttons that lead online visitors to the virtual consultation form or online booking system for the appointment scheduling page is also crucial and encourages interested prospective clients to take the next step towards booking a procedure.

Optimize Procedure Pages for Local Traffic

Let’s face it – ranking for generic keywords such as ‘tummy tuck’ at a national level can be challenging. The solution? Creating localized content (individual local service pages) that target specific keywords for each service. Take this as an example:

You can see that the blog’s title starts with {procedure} in {city}. In this case, the procedure is liposuction, and we followed up on a geographic target: Scottsdale, AZ.

Optimizing content on your plastic surgery website by tagging your local city will help you rank for a local service, and search engines favor service providers in their local area. For example, if you live in Jacksonville, Florida, you can create a procedure page using the keywords “Tummy Tuck in Jacksonville, Florida.” Within that page, you can add before/after pictures to showcase your work. Including more procedure pages specific to your local level will help you rank and bring in more local leads.

Additionally, information about your practice’s location, including your address, phone number, and map, can make it easier for local patients to find and visit your practice. Testimonials from local patients can also establish your plastic surgery practice’s credibility and attract more local traffic.

Pilot Practice Optimize Procedure Pages for Local Traffic

Integrate Social Media Handles Onto Your Plastic Surgery Website

Integrating your Instagram feed somewhere on your plastic surgery website design incentivizes your visitors to follow you across social media. Include your other social handles (Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest accounts) on your website header or footer.

Another way to integrate social media is to add sharing buttons to your blog posts and before-and-after galleries. It will allow visitors to share your content and services on their social media profiles, expanding your reach and visibility.

Displaying your social media handles is a great marketing tactic because you keep your visitor within your ecosystem, making it easy for you to nurture them with ads and organic content –– and after all, who would say no to free leads?!

Pilot Practice Integrate Social Media Handles Onto Your Plastic Surgery Website

Link Your Google My Business Reviews

Building social proof is a critical component of your website design. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is by including written testimonials from your past patients –– offering immediate trust from potential patients who may be undecided on whether to proceed with your treatment.

Creating a dedicated page for your Google My Business reviews lets you showcase feedback from satisfied patients and increase your practice’s visibility on search engine results pages. You can also put a link to your Google My Business profile, making it easy for visitors to leave a review if they are satisfied with your services.

You could also use Elf Sight – a Google reviews widget that takes five minutes to integrate within your website, to show Google my business reviews for a plastic surgeon. This widget can display your latest reviews in a visually appealing way, making it easy for visitors to read and understand the feedback from your patients.

Pilot Practice Link Your Google My Business Reviews

Bonus: Include a Promotions Page in Plastic Surgery Website Design

Are you running a bundle deal with performing a tummy tuck and breast lift with a 10% discount? Do you run holiday promotions every quarter? If you do, a promotions page with an online booking system is a great way to draw people into booking a consultation.

To create an effective promotions page, include clear information about your current offers, such as the procedure’s name, the discount or offer, and any limitations or restrictions. You can also include before-and-after photos or testimonials from previous patients who have taken advantage of the promotion.

Utilize this Promotions Page to share special promotions paired with previous patient satisfaction for a solid plastic surgery website design.

Pilot Practice Bonus-Include a Promotions Page in Plastic Surgery Website Design

Ready to Build Your Plastic Surgery Website? We can help.

Your website is a place to showcase your work, display patient testimonials, increase awareness, and build trust with your visitors. A well-designed plastic surgeon website leaves a strong impression, generates consistent leads, and encourages the visitor to take action.

At PilotPractice, we offer plastic surgeon website design services to help your online presence expand. We specialize in creating custom, user-friendly websites for plastic surgeons optimized for search engines and designed to attract new patients. If you require an essential website to promote your services, we have the expertise to create a website page that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Call us now to find out more about our web designs for plastic surgeons.

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