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About Just Go Lipo

Just Go Lipo is a premier medical aesthetics practice dedicated to helping individuals achieve their ideal visions of themselves through state-of-the-art aesthetic procedures with minimal downtime.

6.5 X ROI on paid ads after our work

Paid ad traffic and conversion surged after we set up hyper-focused campaigns resulting in 6.5x ROI. This included designing high-converting landing pages and setting up accurate conversion tracking.

309.38% increase in organic search traffic after we stepped in

Through optimizing the website, creating high-quality content, and implementing effective keyword strategies, we helped Just Go Lipo enhance their online visibility and attract more visitors.

Our Designs For Just Go Lipo

5x Lead Growth with Our “Price Estimator” Tool

Our “Price Estimator” tool made people curious about costs, and when we offered cost estimates in exchange for contact info, we increased our leads by five times.

Virtual Patient Coordinator Driving Further Success at Just Go Lipo

Just Go Lipo’s Challenges

Before PilotPractice’s Virtual Patient Coordinator
Missed Opportunities
Impacted Revenue
Neglected Lead Follow-up
Strain on Personnel

Low Conversion Rate

Inconsistent Flow of Qualified Leads

The Solution

PilotPractice’s Virtual Patient Coordinator

With PilotPractice

Without PilotPractice

Results After Using Virtual Patient Coordinator Service For Just 2 Months

Pre-qualified appointments increased by


95 %

answer rate on all inbound calls

How Our Virtual Patient Coordinator Helps Your Business

A Virtual Patient Coordinator is an extension of your team. The coordinator specializes in immediate responses, systematic follow-ups, and administrative support, all using PilotPractice’s proven pre-qualification framework.
Virtual Patient Coordinator Impact
Client: Just Go Lipo in Scottsdale, AZ
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