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Patient Marketing

To Grow Your Practice

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Skyrocket your organic traffic to page #1 of google

Pay Per Click

Increase revenue with measurable ROI with paid advertisement

Social Media

Grow your social media channels with active engagement

New Website

Building high quality websites that convert

Patient Communication

Because engaged patients will be repeat patients

Business Phone System

Our VoIP system is ideal for office call centers, connecting desk phones, web, and mobile apps to ensure prompt response to calls. Its user-friendly interface and capacity to manage high call volumes significantly enhance team collaboration and elevate the quality of customer interactions.

Simplifying Communication With All-in-One Business Phone System

Video Telehealth

Our software's video telehealth feature enables patients and providers to conduct appointments easily through our mobile app or webphone. This offers flexibility for on-the-go or in-office consultations, ensuring accessible and efficient healthcare delivery.

Connect With Patients Virtually Using Telehealth

Hipaa Compliant Texting

Our software includes a HIPAA-compliant text messaging feature, ensuring secure and private communication between healthcare providers and patients. This tool adheres to strict privacy standards, safeguarding sensitive health information while providing a convenient platform for efficient messaging.

Send and Recieve HIPAA Compliant Text Message for a Secure Communication

Cloud Faxing

Users can easily send and receive faxes digitally, transforming any device into a virtual fax machine. This innovative approach not only saves space and reduces costs but also enhances the speed and efficiency of document transmission, aligning with modern digital workflows.

Send Faxes Online from Anywhere Using Your Computer, Tablet or Mobile Device

Patient Experience

For Streamlining Your Practice


Simplified patient scheduling and cancellations


User-friendly patient communication tool


Streamlined form filling and management for easy data collection


Convenient payment interface for smooth transactions

Integrates Seamlessly With All Major EHRs

Tailored technology integrations designed to enhance the patient experience at your practice. Additionally, increase staff efficiency by minimizing repetitive tasks.

Featured Case Studies


Online Sales

Exert Clinic Sees An
Additional Revenue Boost Of $500,000 A Year.

Drawing on our specialized experience in plastic surgery PPC, we supercharged Exert Clinic’s patient growth. Our combined SEO prowess boosted their online visibility, while our automated system promptly directed inquiries to a patient concierge, resulting in a significant $500,000 annual revenue increase.



Just Go Lipo Sees
An Additional Medspa Revenue Of +$200,000.

Starting a brand new practice in the saturated Scottsdale, AZ market, Just Go Lipo struggled to make a mark. With our strategic partnership, we transformed their initial hurdles into a success story.


Boost Organic

Sand Lake Dental Sees
An Organic Traffic Boost From SEO In Less Than A 1 Month.

Dr. Maali of Sand Lake Dental found himself ensnared with a marketing agency that, sadly, prioritized paychecks over genuine SEO efforts. Their lackluster approach left the clinic’s online presence in a stagnant state. However, the moment we took charge of their website, the organic website visitors skyrocketed.

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Virtual Patient Coordinator Impact
Client: Just Go Lipo in Scottsdale, AZ
Exert Clinic Website