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Transforming Ad Spend Efficiency and Doubling Lead Requests:

At Pro Plastic Surgery, our optimization strategy extended beyond mere Google Ads tweaks. We dove into their system and corrected conversion tracking issues, which had significant impacts on their overall performance. As a result, the cost per conversion reduced dramatically from $1200 to a mere $65. More impressively, we boosted their daily lead requests from 30 to a staggering 75, marking a 150% increase in lead volume. This highlights the profound effect of comprehensive conversion tracking and optimization strategies.

Reducing Cost per Conversion from
$ 1200 to $65
Increasing Daily Leads from
30 to 75

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Advanced Audience
Building Techniques

Advanced Audience
Building Techniques

Submitting Offline
Conversions from Your CRM

Submitting Offline
Conversions from your CRM

A/B Testing to Improve

A/B test to improve

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