Automatic lead status & organization to increase
your conversion rate!

Our software will place each lead into a specific status which will allow your practice to always be able to see their updated status. The goal is for your medical staff to be able to reach back to potential patients more efficiently and faster.

New 3

Followup 12

Consult Booked 122

Consult Completed 41

Quote Sent 44

Deposit Paid 44

Surgery Booked 55

Surgery Completed 412

Plastic Surgery

Manage and automate
your practice’s lead &
patient workflow!

Each Patient Care Coordinator / Medical Staff that takes care of calling and scheduling patients for surgery will have an individual user platform that will allow for lead ticket assignment. It means each new lead coming in will be automatically assigned to a specific staff member via a ticket.

The staff member will be notified telling them that a new lead has been uploaded and assigned to them. Tickets are transferable.

Lead & patient history to
provide an amazing
customer experience

Now, you can easily find all the information you need to know about a lead & patient with our HIPAA Compliant dashboard. Provide great customer experience by knowing and answering all their questions with our dashboard. The dashboard includes: 

patent Plastic Surgery
patent Plastic Surgery software
of Interest
best Plastic Surgery software
of Interest
Plastic Surgery
Medical Conditions
Practice Management Software
of Patient
Practice Management Software
Practice Management Software
Notes from
Your Staff

Never forget to call a lead or
patient back!

This feature can be set-up automatically or manually based on your practice flow and needs. The call-back reminders will help your staff to never forget to call back someone, increase your conversion rate and improve overall patient experience.

Practice Management Software

Centralized Communication Channels

Practice Management Software
HIPAA Compliant
Practice Management Software
Phone Call with
Call Tracking
Practice Management Software
Email with Google &
Outlook Integration

Every communication between your practice and your leads/patients from our dashboard will be recorded and tracked, such as conversation history, call tracking, email recording, and HIPAA text conversation history. Learn more...

Clean & organize your practice, provide accurate information, make better informed decisions and deliver exceptional customer service with our practice management system.