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Dr. Giselle Prado-Wright


Plastic Surgery


Fort Myers, FL


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The Problem

During our initial interaction with Dr. Giselle of Exert Clinic, it became apparent she preferred handling most of her marketing in-house. However, she faced significant challenges due to the limited expertise of her team and the difficulty in finding skilled professionals. Our discussions further revealed that her paid advertising strategy was managed by a friend. We emphasized the need for specialized skills in this domain, suggesting that relying on a friend’s limited expertise might be detrimental to the clinic’s growth.

Skyrocketing Leads Through a Successful Paid Ad Strategy

At Exert Clinic, we ramped up the lead volume tenfold with a targeted paid ad strategy. Our CRO-optimized landing page, coupled with an integrated lead capture widget, “the price estimator”, we turned clicks into valuable patient interactions. To see our landing page with our “price estimator” widget, visit https://promo.exertclinic.com/bbl/.

1000% Increase in Website Traffic in Less Than a Year

Exert Clinic initially created content without specific direction. Once Dr. Giselle handed us their SEO, we enhanced their strategy, boosting organic traffic. Our focus on high-quality, professionally designed content is evident in pieces like https://exertclinic.com/liposuction-florida/, showcasing our contribution to the clinic’s online growth.

Fully Autonomous Lead Funnel

At Exert Clinic, we’ve implemented a streamlined system to capture leads from all social platforms. Our advanced technology ensures that inquiries from sites like Facebook, Instagram, and google are immediately directed to the clinic’s call center, guaranteeing prompt attention to every potential client.

3x Lead Growth with Our “Price Estimator” Tool

We tapped into visitors’ curiosity about costs with our “Price Estimator” tool. By offering cost estimates in exchange for contact details, we’ve tripled lead capture.

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